Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yule Creek, Potomac Fest and Linville Kayaking

So I've been pretty slack about updating the blog the last couple months, but I've finally settled down in Asheville again and have found the time to put up some photos. Yule Creek was definitely my favorite thing we got on out west, and seemed to be the Toxaway of Colorado.
Big thanks to Dave Finney for shooting the yule pics.

This is the first big one, adoringly named "ball check"

Dropping into Wall Check.

Making the transition


Here's a clip of Wallcheck.

Oriental Massage. Another biggy. This rapid does a lot of things to your back, but I wouldn't say it resembles a massage.

The last 20 footer.

Yule Creek was about as low volume as you can get, so it was a big relief to get on some highwater stuff later in the trip. Here's a shot of Finney running "upper death".

Stay tuned for the video from Colorado.

As soon as we got back from Colorado, we set off for Potomac Fest.

To see the video from Potomac Fest, go HERE

After the Po fest, we traveled home to our desert village of Asheville. The rivers in Asheville were thirstier then a dead bullfrog. Finally it rained just enough to make Linville a runnable level, and we got our class V fix. Shout-out to Jesse Lewinsky for these wingdinger photographs.

Dropping into "homie's slot", or "fight club", or any of the dozen names this rapid seems to have.

Dylan moving in for the knock-out at fightclub.

Billy Murphy keeping his bow up.

Spencer utilizing his plastic exoskeleton and strong paddle to slide over a rock.

that's all I got for now. Hopefully I'll get the Colorado video in order some point soon, and post that as well. Until next time,

Nathan Silsbee

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At 10:30 AM , Anonymous Craig Rivett said...

Thats awesome Nathan!

Good lines dude.


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