Thursday, March 29, 2007

SE Creeking Update

So unfortunately it's been dry for the last couple weeks, but at least I've had the time to edit video and reflect on the great kayaking from before the drout.
SE creekin' vid

On Daniel Delavergne's birthday we all headed down to the notch to catch the infamous 'birthday eddy' which is an absolutely terrifying eddy poised just above Gorilla. It was the highest the eddy had been attempted, and 5 of us stepped up to catch it. After we all caught it, about 10 people gathered around and watched as Toby poured some of Daniel's ashes into the notch. A good memorial for an amazing kayaker.

The birthday eddy itself is probably the scariest eddy I've seen anyone catch, and it takes a great amount of precision.

The Magnum really whips around into the eddy nicely. Here's Chris Gragtmans on his first run.

Carving in.

Peeling out into the notch

A week or so later, we got some good old fashioned high-water green.

Here I am switching edges as I boof into the notch.

Gragtmans, large and in charge.

Walking up for another go.

A couple weeks later, the water dissipated and we had no other option but some low-water triple falls. Clayton Gaar and I headed to Dupont for some park-and-huck.

Clayton stylin'

Second drop

Clayton at the lip

Hope you enjoyed the post, comments are appreciated!

Nathan Silsbee


At 8:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strap arubber chicken to your face. It'll protect you from fear...

At 11:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

sick, sick


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