Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Toxaway!

Another great day on the Toxaway yesterday with a really big crew. Paul Stamilio and I headed to the take-out to find 15+ people lounging around discussing shuttle and water levels.

The choice was medium-high Horse Pasture or low Toxaway. Everyone drove up to the put-in to check out the gauge, which didn't seem to be very accurate when compared with past trips. Pat said he thought it had enough water so everyone decided to go. Nick looks on as Eric prepares to launch.

Eric on the put-in slide.

A blurry pic of Drew in Minigizer.

Portage around the manky entrance rapids to Energizer.

Drew getting energized.

Taylor after running the majority of Feeding trough upside down.

Brian dropping into Landbridge.

Wintergreen run-out.

After Wintergreen there is some great class IV boogie to the take-out where a nice 4 mile hike awaits. A few more things worth saying: there were two upside down runs of feeding trough, one backwards run of landbridge, and one run of 40//40. (Nice Pat!). Otherwise, everything went surprisingly smooth considering the number of people in the gorge.

Disclaimer: Everyone on the Toxaway yesterday were very capable boaters, and most had been in the gorge before. Please approach this river with the UTMOST respect and caution. Photos/video do not give these huge rapids credit. The gorge is very secluded, and there is a 4 mile hike-out that you will have to deal with if something does go wrong.
Hope you enjoyed,

Nathan Silsbee

ps check back to the RIOT BLOG soon for some really awesome Toxaway photos from a few weeks ago.


At 10:04 PM , Anonymous e dawg said...

Thanks for the updates! I wish i had a fraction of the skill you guys have... but at least it looks like I have the paddle that Drew has! (Werner Powerhouse?)

Keep up the awesome pics and video!


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