Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oh Canada

Hello Folks,
went to Canada this past summer with Nick Urquahart, Dylan Bruce, Chris Gragtmans and Matt Woodward.

Typical Ottawa Countryside:

It was a fantastic trip, and we were lucky enough to get on one of the best waves in the world... High Tension.

Gragtmans throwing a big pan-am:

Dylan blunting it up on High Tension:

Here I am getting a Mystery-flip thing...

Mid-beatdown in Phil's

Our trip started at High Tension. We paddled in with sleeping bags, tents, pads, food and water strapped to the outside of our boats, in order that we could camp next to the wave. We had a great day on the wave, then camped out on a beach right next to the wave. The next morning we got up around 8:00 and started paddling again. We had the wave completely to ourselves for about 4 hours before people started trickling in. Here's the Canada Video:

After High Tension, we spent a few days at the Ottawa so Gragtmans could show his premier of Enter The Donkey. We hit up Lachine next, which resides on the St Lawrence river. (An absolutely ENORMOUS river). Lachine is a big rapid with a number of fantastic waves. Watch the Lachine Video from last year with Huge Experiences:
We went back to the Ottawa for another week before finally heading home to Asheville. This was after making an 8-hour detour to see Niagara falls. Quite possibly the largest tourist-trap I've ever seen. They have built an entire city next to the waterfall, and have made the road system so it's really confusing, and difficult to escape. Well that's about all I have on that subject... Stay tuned for more updates. (Also, I just added a feature so you can subscribe at the top of the page).

Nathan Silsbee


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