Friday, November 10, 2006

Green River Narrows Collection

Even though the Green is probably the most all-around documented river in the world, it's always fun to look at even MORE photos and videos from it. Here are a bunch of photos and a video since I began paddling El Rio Verde. Enjoy this like you would microwave popcorn.

Now for the photos:
(Click photos to enlarge)

Green Race '06. (Photo: Doug Silsbee)

Brendan Garvey going left at Sunshine.

Spencer Cooke smoothing Go Left and Die

Spence on the Monk

Another of Spencer at Sunshine.

Flying off the pad with the beautiful fall colors in the background. (Photo: Jared Seiler)

Billy Murphy

Paul Stamilio going left at Sunshine

My first time going Left at Sunshine. Crashed on this one. (See video). Redemption didn't come for another 6 months after this. A truly scary, yet rewarding line. (Photo: Eric Chance)

Eric "The Tulip" Chance, fading the monkey like he loves to do. (Everyone knows the super-boof is the way to go).

Saunders Southecorvo on Scream Machine

Chance on Sunshine. I have no idea why the skin on his face is so orange in this picture

Matt Woodward. Nies' Pieces

Adam Bixby, old school style.

Saunders-Groove Tube.

Jared Seiler threading the needle at Go Left. (Photo: Saunders Southecorvo)

Saunders shot this pic of me Going Left.

Typical Sunshine-rock crew on a Saturday.

All of the following shots were taken by my Dad when he hiked into the green this past summer. Good job geezer!
Go Left and Die


The Notch


Nies' Pieces

Rapid Transit


You are probably all Greened out now, so get back to whatever you should be doing and leave my blog alone. More "posts from the past" are on the way though so stay tuned. Hopefully I'll catch up to the present at some point soon...
Nate Dogg signing out...


At 4:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kia Ora from down under in New Zealand. Talk about going thru the "wash" !!! (hehe) Great photos, including the ones of NZ. They are worth sharing, so I have mentioned your blog @ #402 on my blog - 21 21 21 Great Blogs To Read.

Click on my name if you want to have a look at my blogs.


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