Friday, December 15, 2006

Elk River

Watch Elk Video
Got on the Elk river with the rain that we got a few weeks ago, and it was a pretty epic day! Directly after the put-in, is a 50' waterfall aptly named Big Falls. None of us thought we were actually going to run it, but when we scouted it looked good. After scouting it from the bottom as well, Cooper and I decided to run it. Coop and I scouting from the top.

Coop off the lip

Fading off, while Coop films in the corner.

The gorge was really cool, lots of class IV+,V big water slides.

Here is a shot of me rolling off the lip of the 35' at the end of the gorge.

Watch Elk Video

check yo' self

Nathan Silsbee


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