Monday, January 15, 2007


So I was just looking at some old photos, and I came across all these pics from when I first started kayaking. This was before I learned how to roll, and when I was just beginning to love kayaking. My friends and I used to innertube this section of river that ran across the edge of my parent's farm, then one day my buddy Warren suggested we take his parent's kayaks down instead. This is when it all began... Here's a shot of me on the Chattooga Section 3.
It's funny how fear when running drops is in perfect proportion. I was just as scared running Second Ledge for my first time as I was running Gorilla for the first time or Landbridge on the Toxaway for the first time.
Feeling triumphant after running the big bad "Narrows" of Sec 3.

Kayaking is fun.

My dad on second ledge.

Later when I had the basics down, I fired up the big bad "Bull Sluice."

Well that's the end of my blast from the past, and stay tuned for more updates soon.



At 8:13 PM , Blogger Jason said...

Yeah Nathan, nice post. Love seeing the old school photos.


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