Tuesday, May 01, 2007

NRS Sherpa Creeking Video

As the sun beats down, the creeks grow drier by the day. The Green continues to show us all why Asheville is the place to be rain or shine.
We've been missing the great rains from Christmas break, and I've been dying to get on the Toxaway or Ravens again, but alas, no rain. This is some footage from that rain, as well as some new footage from the Green River. The remote runs that I got on last Christmas break have some brutal hikes and it can be tough on the neck and shoulders carrying your boat on your head, but now I have the new NRS backpack system! Hopefully it will rain sometime soon and I can test it out. Until then, I'll probably be at the Green. Enjoy this shiz like you would fried chicken!

see the backpack system here:


Nathan Silsbee


At 8:27 AM , Blogger Jason Aytes said...

that back pack is nice. good video too.


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